Approaching Winter Olympics "Beijing, we are here!" – Chairman of the Philippine Skating Association is looking forward to Beijing Winter Olympics

Original title: approaching Winter Olympics | "Beijing, let’s come!" Feelings.

Soon, she will travel to Beijing with the Philippine Winter Olympics, experience the "unique and exciting" Winter Olympics of the "unique and exciting" Winter Olympics. Zheng Yilin loves the flower-like skating, studying in Beijing, returning to the country after returning to the country, focusing on exploiting and cultivating the snow sports seedlings 上海东皇娱乐会所 of the Philippines. When she attended the Media Annual Meeting on the 10th, she told reporters that although the Philippines is located in tropical, many young people are interested in ice and snow.

  "In my opinion, the Philippines’ figure and body model is very suitable for spectacular skating.

"She said," If we cultivate, we will have a good performance on this project. "Zheng Yilin said that the 松江区松东路叫小妹 Alpine Ski Athletes Asa Miller will represent the Philippines Beijing Winter Olympics. Miller participated in the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympics, this time preparation is more fully." Compared to the first A Olympic trip, Miller is now in a small progress, we look forward to playing excellent in Beijing.

"Talking about the unfriendly voices of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Zheng Yilin believes that all athletes have worked hard to participate in the competition, and the Winter Olympics should not be politicized. The Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines is also attending the annual meeting. Said that Beijing Winter Olympics is a global winter Olympics and snow sports enthusiasts, not political dice.

Beijing will become the first "Shuang Olympic City" in the modern Olympic History, and will have a simple, safe and wonderful event for the world. Huangxi said: "Some politicians attempted to make the Winter Olympics a tool for politics or political, but they completely selected the wrong occasion." In Zheng Yinde, Beijing Winter Olympics will have become a very unique and exciting event. "I hope everyone is healthy and safe, and everything is full." (Reporter Yan Jie Liu Wei) (Editor: Yang Yupubo, Junui) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.