Fully promote the construction of high quality projects to sprint the annual goal of high-quality posture

Original title: Fully promote high-quality project construction with high-quality posture sprint all-year 上海哪里有spa飞机 goal this newspaper on December 2, the Provincial Party Secretary Liu Guozhong hosted a special meeting to study the provincial high-quality project construction and industrial transformation and upgrading. He emphasized that he should study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China. General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Shaanxi to see important speech important instructions, fully implement the provincial party committee’s 13th National President deployment, full sprint of the whole year, scientific planning next year , Driving high quality development forward.

  Huhenghua, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, deputy governor Cheng Fubo attended the meeting.

  Liu Guizhong pointed out that this year, various departments have been in depth to implement the Important Secretary to Shaan Shaanxi, and the "five requirements", "five solid", actively actively, aggravate, and promote high-quality project construction, Industrial transformation and upgrading have achieved positive progress, and the province has undergone high quality projects, and the atmosphere of high quality development is increasing. To completely accurately implement the new development concept, continue to deepen the structural reform of the supply side, firmly twist the construction of high-quality projects and uncomfortable, adhere to high quality and high standards, one link to ensure a period of time, to ensure a period of time.

  Liu Guizhong emphasized that project construction is an important starting point of economic construction, and high quality projects are an important carrier for high quality development and industrial transformation and upgrading. It is necessary to strengthen the refine management of the project, do excessive work in the classification of government investment projects, highlight key, classify, and timely master other investment subjects, "one enterprise and one policy", "one project one program" stabilized, forming a real thing Workload. To strengthen project planning, close attention to national policies, investment orientation, funding, focus on the development of 上海shlf1314 county economic development, combined with technology innovation, combined with local resource endowments, location advantages, highlight manufacturing, especially around 23 The cultivation of the industrial chain is growing, doing a good job in the pre-project work, planning a batch of foundations, long-term, and increasing high quality projects.

To further increase investment promotion, innovate investment promotion methods, actively attract and undertake good projects. Liu Guizhong demanded that in the optimization of the enhancement business environment, he continued to deepen the "venting service" reform. In the approval, land, land, etc., do a good job in service security, strive to create safety, stable, fair, and expected development environment. All sectors should participate in everyone, everyone 静安区419spa is responsible for the high-quality project construction and industrial transformation and upgrading, emancipating ideology, reform and innovation, and make persistent efforts, heart and thinking, to make a whole year The target task is achieved by the "14th Five-Year Plan" good start. At the meeting, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology were reported. The provincial departments are responsible for comrades to participate in the meeting. (Editor: Li Zhiqiang, Wei Xin) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.