Copper beam: Establish an intensive professional nursery base to enrich the public "vegetable basket"

Hualong Net – New Chongqing Client November 13th 6th (Special Correspondent Zhao Wuqiang correspondent Li Lara) recently, in Yanjiacun, Yanjiacun, Wufeng Vegetable seed seedling, Town, Tonglun Town, Tongliang District, Chongqing, Town Agricultural Service Center Wu Chunzhu for soldiers and town cadres is checking the preparation of new seasons. "There are more than 200 acres of seedling base in the Erping Town Town, which is the largest facility vegetable seedling base in Chongqing.

The base is integrated in production, operation, scientific research and promotion, has a seedlings selected,上海干磨水磨服务 cited, breeding, and full of overall functions. He has cultivated 20 million vegetables, in addition to meeting the local and surrounding districts and vegetable bases. Outside the desired seedlings, it also passes through the online sales, exported to the number of provinces and cities around Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Hunan, providing an important seedlings for vegetable production.

"Come to the soldiers.

Special correspondent Zhao Wuqiang took the highway highway from the side of the base, and the organized steel frame is not at the end, channel, and the operation of the road, the pipeline is connected to each greenhouse. Into the lifting large shed, warmly melted, caviar, fungus vegetable seedlings, lust, long.

Carefully observe, there is a row of automatic sprinkler, fog faucet in the shed.

Whenever you need to irrigate, open the faucet, even the water mist is even surrounded, maintaining the moist of the soil. Inside the greenhouse, a biomass fuel boiler is placed.

Base technicians said that when the winter is the colder, the boiler’s boiler flows in the pipeline circulation flow, and the heat generated by the hot gas to resist rain and snow, low temperature weather, and ensure the growth of seedlings.

Spray irrigation facilities in the large shed.

Special correspondent Zhao Wuqiang learned that under the guidance of nursery experts, the base changed the traditional set-off seedlings for greenhouse plus film covering insulation, boiler heating cultivation, nutrition bag seedlings, cultivating a series of advanced technologies such as marrying and smuggling, and cultivated seedlings not only survived High rate, and the magnification rate is 95%, and it provides a guarantee for early birth of early birth after vegetables. It is worth mentioning that the seedling base has also built a 100-acre area of ??vegetable high-yield planting demon, the base cultivated seedlings were successfully supplied to each vegetable base in large area production. Water temperature boiler placed in a vegetable seed base. Special correspondent Zhao Wuqiang photo "Some of the bases in this base are idle, and after introducing the owners, support the owners to rectify the land, and through the establishment of professional cooperatives, not only the idle land, let the villagers sit in the land rent, also Dozens of left-behind villagers provide opportunities for successful construction.

"The soldiers said.

"We have to go to the base for several months each year, do some seedlings, grafting, fertilization, weeding, semons, and 60 yuan in cash income, and take care of them at home." Villagers Zhou Guangbi said. Winter vine variety seedlings in the large shed.

Special correspondent Zhao Wuqiang photo "Good kind of good seedlings, good seedlings, good dishes." With the in-depth advancement of rural residence, vegetable production intensive, specialized nursery became trends. In order to strive for the early city of next year, meet the needs of spring vegetables, the base is based on early, began to prepare for the seed, seedbed, fertilizer, and scooters.

In addition to large quantities of lettuce, loofah, melon, pepper, hollow dish, okra, etc., etc. Citizen ‘vegetable basket’.

The rural Youth Science and Technology of Tongliang District is getting rich in advanced individuals. Yuan Yuan, head of the base, said. Dear users, "Chongqing" customers have officially revised to upgrade to "New Chongqing" client. For subsequent use, please scan the QR code above and download the new version in time.

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