China Releases ? Business Department: China-Africa trade overall balance China has never deliberately pursued African trade surplus

China Net November 17 (Reporter Peng Yao) The eighth ministerial meeting of the China-Non Cooperation Forum will be held at Senegal at the end of November.

The National New Office held a press conference on the 17th, and the deputy minister of the Ministry of Commerce said that from the long-term perspective, China-Africa trade is generally balanced.

Since 2000, China has invited trillions from Africa to not export trillion US dollars.

In recent years, China-based non-trade is about 200 billion US dollars per year, with an import of $ 100 billion, exporting about $上海夜生活论坛最新 100 billion.

Chad Keming said that China has been working hard to increase imports from Africa, and one of the key tasks is to 上海kb油压后花园explore how to further improve the level of trade and investment in both parties.