All-round Ji Shi Forging Industry Chain Supply Chain "Long Board"

Original title: All-round Best Cegory Forging Industry Chain Supply Chain "Long Board" This year, the profitability of industrial enterprises has continued to improve, and the operating conditions continue to improve.

According to the national statistical officer, the total profit of 30 million yuan, the year-on-year increase in the year, in July.

However, the situation of enterprise efficiency recovery is still, private enterprises, small micro enterprise benefits recovery relatively slow. For more mature, high-quality industrial chain supply chains, companies in the middle downstream and downstream, should be able to get stable and higher benefits, win better investment returns, and have the ability to continuously strengthen R & D investment, improve product quality And competitiveness.

The above phenomenon shows that the development level of my country’s industrial chain supply chain needs further improvement.

  Overall, the downstream enterprises in many industries in my country, especially the system integrated enterprises, and some links in the upstream and midstream, although there are many quantities, but the "special combination" is less, differential degree Not high enough, many companies lack core technology, leading to the weak links of the industrial chain supply chain, lack of voice, the enterprise benefits are not high, and innovative 上海移花宫论坛 input capabilities are also affected.

  From the perspective of international experience, the industrial structure to create a collaborative development of large and medium-sized enterprises is an important part of promoting high quality development.

Studies have shown that SMEs in Japan, Germany, etc., by mastering key core technologies, with strong discipline rights in the field of segment, forming interdependent relationships with downstream large companies, can achieve better economic benefits. As a result, companies have the ability to continue to invest in the segment, thereby strengthening the core competitiveness of the entire industrial chain. Borrowing for useful experience, we need multi-pronged, all-round policy, strive to develop "special new" small and medium-sized enterprises, 上海武宁路kb名店 promote a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises have strong core competitiveness, cultivate special products, fundamentally enhance my country’s industry The quality and level of the chain supply chain, forge "longboard". One is to speed up the development of strategic emerging industries. For some emerging industries, there are currently a roughly similar stage of development. No developed countries can fully control the development direction of these industries, which provides a "longboard" forging industry chain supply chain for developing countries. Important opportunities. For my country, on the basis of achieving better development in industries such as new energy and electronic information, it is necessary to steady and stabilize, and constantly enhance innovation capabilities, and we will 上海浦东新区品茶群 have stronger international competitive advantage in these areas. The second is to do a good job in the optimization layout of the domestic industrial cluster, and focus on building a group of world-class industrial clusters.

Develop industrial clusters, help to better play the advantages, industrial supporting advantages, innovative advantages.

In the face of the big changes in the world, we must focus on strengthening mutual assistance between regions, follow the market law, seeking efficient development, and promoting better development of important industrial clusters. The third is to vigorously promote market structure optimization. It is necessary to pay more attention to and improve the institutional mechanism to promote the integrated domestic market, eliminate market segmentation, promote the mechanism for the formation of outstanding fittings, fundamentally change the situation of low-level competition in industries, continuously improve the level of industrial benefits, and increase the physical economy to high quality resources Attraction, greatly enhance industrial innovation capabilities. (Editor: Wan Peng, Liu Yuanyuan).