Harrier District Patrol Work Conference and the first round of inspection work of the 16th session Committee will be held

  In accordance with the unified deployment of the CPC Hailar District Committee, combined with the party committee of the autonomous region to carry out the supervision and supervision of the Allied City of the City and the Hulunbeier Municipal Party Committee and the Banquel City to carry out the specific requirements of the upper and lower linkage patrol work, recently, the Herrul District Tour Tourism Conference and the 16th District Committee of the District Committee The wheel patrol work mobilization deployment will be held. Li Deman, director of the district committee, secretary of the district committee, director of the Commission of Discipline Inspection, the commander of the Office of the District Committee, the Regional Committee, the Minister of Organization, Zhang Yushu, Leading Group, Leading Group, Leading Group, Leading Group All units, department heads, collaboration units, and all staff of the District Party Committee.

  Yang Jie demanded that the party organizations and inspections at all levels of the district must adhere to the guidance of the socialist thinking in Xi Jinping’s new era. The spirit of the 19th CPC Plenary Session, in accordance with the work arrangements, guidance supervision and other work arrangements, guidance supervision and other work arrangements, guidance supervision and other work arrangements, guidance supervision, etc., and earnestly promote the high quality development of the new era of Hailar District. Yang Jie emphasized that the new era of tourism, the party organizations at all levels should adhere to political inspection positioning, always use "two maintenance" as a fundamental task, conscientiously implement the party’s central, autonomous region party committee, and Hulunbeier Municipal Committee about patrolling patrol work Deploy new requirements, accurately grasp the political inspection positioning, accurately implement political inspection requirements, and play the "microscope" "microscope", enhance the ideological consciousness, political consciousness, and consciousness of doing a good job in patrolling work; we must deeply understand, accurately grasp the essence of the patrol And the inspection work policy, put "strict" main basetons through the whole process of patrol; to focus on the 上海品茶微信桑拿酒店 implementation of the party’s decision-making in the grassroots level, focus on corrupt problems and unfairing winds and the masses reflect strong problems, focusing on the grassroots The construction of the party organization, highlighting political patrol, effectively improves supervision and efficiency; to strengthen the party’s leadership of the patrol work, to adhere to the party’s leadership, organize the implementation in place, do full efforts to link and cooperate with the Guidance supervision of the autonomous region, Hulunbeier special inspection Work, create a loyal and clean, patrol team, and instructive innovation to promote high quality development in Hailar District.

  Li Deli has carried out the deployment of the first round of the 16th District Committee. He emphasizes that we must improve the 上海品茶场所 political station, firmly do the confidence and determination of the new era of tourism; to strengthen linkage collaboration, further inspire the up and down linkage and horizontal through insights; focus on political supervision, resolutely win the 16th session The "first battle" of the commission will be patrol; to practice the hard work, promote the standardization construction of the inspection work in the Zhu Dynasty.

  Zhang Yubakeda announced the issue of the commonality of the 15th District Committee of the Tourism, announced the division of labor and task division of the 16th District Committee’s first round of inspection team. The meeting also conveyed the new deployment of the new spirit of the central inspection and patrol work and the party committee of the autonomous region, the Hulunbeier Municipal 上海各区工作室喝茶 Party Committee on the patrol inspection work.

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