China Red Painting and Painting Institute, 41 illegal social organizations such as China Angel Investment Alliance were banned according to law

People’上海贵族宝贝千花 s Network Beijing October 18 (Junui) According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs Social Organization Administration, the Ministry of Civil Affairs recently announced the list of some illegal social organizations banned according to law in recent years in recent years.The list includes 41 illegal social organizations such as China Red Painting Institute, China Angel Investment Alliance, China Chronic Sick Rehabilitation Research Institute, National Teacher Training Institutional 上海油压店Development Alliance.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs reminded that if the public can report to the public security organs if the public is discovering that the illegal social organizations in the list is still carrying out activities.At the same time, remind relevant institutions and the public, when cooperating with social organizations or participating in their 闵行桑拿休闲会所 activities, please verify their identity through the "China Social Organization News" government WeChat, avoid being deceived; also welcomes all walks of life through "China’s social organization government servicePlatform provides a clue that is suspected of illegal social organization activities.