Anshun Rural Commercial Bank Tasi Branch: Take measures to enhance Pu Hui Daguan Quality

"Wang Bo, recently used the" ? E payd ‘scan code? "" Zhang Jie, remember to rent your sweep code, the scammer is very, there is any problem, remember the first time and I contact. "Li Bo, faster than the end of the year, if you need a turnover, we have loan products that meet your needs, as long as you need to contact the customer manager immediately to do it!" This is every day in Tasi The real scene that happened in the Phawan of Pharma.

According to statistics, as of November 4, Tasi Branch visited 564 households, including farmers, individual industrial and commercial households, urban residents and administrative enterprises and 上海虹口水磨会馆 institutions. In order to maximize visit, the branch firmly establishes "all the principles of customer demand", and give full play to the rural credit cooperatives, temperature, responsible people’s bank characteristics, and plan to solve customers in Puhui Finance The desired expectations, promote customer experience and service word of mouth synchronization.

The branch passes the contact card, WeChat, and production network financial service contact card, the branch is passed to the company’s Sannong E pay coded or store consolidated channels, and further consolidate the relationship between vibrators. In addition, through visits and investigations, various merchants financial needs are analyzed, and timely summarize, implement differential financial services.

Customers who have funded demand during visits, because the branch has no loan authority, the branch contacts the surrounding branch docking customers, doing the date of the day, fully accelerate the speed of 上海按摩微信群 customer demand, and further enhance customer satisfaction.