Export growth 40% scale creation historical high cross-border e-commerce growth momentum fierce

Since 2020, China’s foreign trade import and export has continued to be good. According to customs statistics, in 2020, China’s cross-border e-commerce import and export trillion yuan, an increase of%. Cross-border e-commerce is becoming an important force of stabilizing foreign trade, and the ultra 10,000 traditional foreign trade enterprises are online online, highly improved, cross-border e-commerce has become the first choice for international trade and the leading soldiers of foreign trade innovation and development.

"In 2020, our cross-border e-commerce exports reached 1.3 billion yuan. It is expected to reach 1.6 billion yuan in 2021." The person in charge of Zhejiang International Trade Co., said that the company has entered cross-border e-commerce field since 2014, 2018 In the year, cross-border e-commerce exports were started, and there were more than 50% high-speed growth in recent years.

This is only an example of China’s cross-border e-commerce companies. According to the General Administration of Customs, Li Kui, the Director of Statistical Analysis, as an emerging trade information, cross-border e-commerce, export trade, export trade, there is no sign of anti-rise. In 2020, China’s cross-border e-commerce import and export was trillion, 上海闵行区龙凤spa with strong growth%, which exported trillion yuan, increased%, and various indicators were innovative.

Currently, global consumers are moving or passively transfer consumer behavior to online, and cross-border e-commerce platforms become an important channel for consumer procurement. Affected by the epidemic, many factories overseas are in semi-stop production, overseas consumers have rising "China Manufacturing" demand, electronic products, daily necessities, etc. are favored by overseas consumers. Customs data shows that "house economy" products such as China’s export laptops in 2020 have increased.

For changes in overseas consumer demand, Chinese sellers quickly respond quickly, using the maturity and complete advantages of domestic manufacturing supply chains, flexibly adjust their 上海桑拿保健网 products, and achieves the growth growth.

"We have a factory next door, originally producing a manufacturer of lamps. During the epidemic prevention, they began to produce ultraviolet disinfection lamps, this lamp is very good at overseas." A LED manufacturer in Zhongshan City said.

Yang Wei, the head of Amazon’s global opening, the sales of Asia-Pacific sellers, is in touch with this: "During the epidemic prevention, many sellers have opened up a lot of new business opportunities.

"She pointed out that home isolation caused by the epidemic has a new demand, in addition to medical supplies, including Bluetooth headsets, webcams, lift tables, office chairs, etc. have a significant growth.

"The epidemic has brought us great challenge." The person in 上海普陀区300块会所 charge of a cross-border e-commerce introduced that the number of international aviation has been reduced, cross-border e-commerce encountered a slow, cost increase, return and customs clearance And other issues. In this case, the state has introduced a series of good policies to inject the "strong intention" to cross-border e-commerce platforms and merchants. In 2020, China’s cooperation between China and 22 countries continued to deepen, bilateral cooperation results accelerated; the State Council newly approved 46 cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test areas, and the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive trial area expanded to 105; The General Administration of Customs has added "9710" "9810" cross-border e-commerce B2B export trade method to promote customs clearance. At present, the multi-site cross-border e-commerce comprehensive trial area is continuing to advance the policy and good policies of cross-border payment, e-commerce platform, logistics company and other industrial chains.

The overseas warehouse model has become a new choice for many cross-border enterprises. "Logistics agoscience achieves from 25 to 30 working days or even one and a half months, to seven days, three days, day trip to jump; differences in other logistics channels, overseas warehouse help us save 20% of logistics costs; product damage rate At the same time, the buyer’s service experience and the store praise rate rises straight.

"Dunhuang network outdoor riding supplies Seller ROY introduction, as of 2020, overseas warehouse accounted for 80% of the total number of companies, the product sales of overseas warehouse increased by more than 3 times. The epidemic accelerated the trend of digital new foreign trade, technology innovation Export empowerment. For example, Alibaba International Station passed the line exhibition, audio and video negotiation and other models, as well as intelligent translation, customs declaration, logistics, tax rebate, and the transnational distance between the buyer.

"We need to solve the problem of merchants to get orders, but also to ensure the smooth flow of international transportation, cross-border payment.

"The general manager of Alibaba International Station said." Chinese goods are not only good quality, product design is also very good, and many technological products are useful.

"A overseas consumer who often purchases Chinese products is admired.

With the continuous development of export cross-border e-commerce, more and more Chinese goods are going overseas, and the demand for consumers around the world is constantly upgrading. After experiencing rapid growth, barbaric growth, production capacity adjustment, China’s export cross-border e-commerce industry ushered in the new development stage of stock improvement and steady operation.

Amazon recently released the "New State to New Normal – 2020 China Export Cross-border E-Commerce Trend", summed up five trends in China’s export cross-border e-commerce development: sellers and types more divers, global layout acceleration, brand awareness , Product innovation speeds, response capability upgrades.

"China’s export cross-border e-commerce industry and sellers have experienced the evolution of ‘barbaric growth’ to ‘cultivation". Export cross-border e-commerce has become an important support for China’s foreign trade, and is from foreign trade’ new business ‘to become foreign trade’ new normal ‘.

"Amazon’s global vice president, Amazon’s head of the Asia Pacific, Dai Dai, said that when Chinese sellers are doing global business, there must be global vision and localized thinking. Dai Weihe believes that on the one hand, the development of diversification can be built for future Good development foundation, in addition to developing mature markets such as United States, Europe, Japan, Chinese sellers, can also be further entered into many emerging markets, such as Australia, Singapore, etc .; on the other hand, Chinese sellers need to understand what local consumers need, Consumers act as a starting point, do a good job in product differentiation design, better serving local consumers to buy the needs, and also understand different trade regulations and product regulations in various countries, gain healthier, and lasting operations on the basis of compliance. .