Fujian: By 2025, the province’s social football venue is fully open

Original title: By 2025, the province’s social football venue is fully open in order to effectively promote the open utilization of social football venue, increase the effective supply of social football venue services, standardize operation management, and do a good job in the "construction, management, use" of social football venues, and recently, The Provincial Sports Bureau and the Provincial Development and Reform Commission have issued the "Social Football Site on the Open and Operation Management Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "program").

"Program" proposed that by 2025, the province’s social football venue is fully open, the quality of service is significantly improved, the usage rate and the masses satisfaction are significantly improved, the system is complete, the power is clear, the main body is multi-diverse, using efficient social football venue for long-term operation The management mechanism is initially 上海浦东全套 formed.

"Program" pointed out that social football venues should be prioritized to carry out football activities, priority to ensure sports activities at all levels of football associations, football clubs, and Youth Sports Clubs.

While expressing the function, the "program" also requires social football venue to advance the full opening, whether it is government investment, or through the government’s purchase service to promote social strength investment construction, and organ, enterprises and institutions and other internal social football venues. It should be opened in the form of a preferential design of the conditions in a preferential, free or low charge, and is actively creative.

At the same time, the "program" also clarifies the opening time, including the 南京新茶外卖论坛 government investment and the social football venue of government subsidies should be open to the society throughout the year, and the opening hours per week is not less than 330 days. . National statutory holidays, national fitness days and school in summer vacation, opening hours per day shall not be less than 8 hours. In addition, the "program" also encourages operational management agencies to upgrade the site, introducing smart management systems, providing online inquiry, venue reservations, co-war, event registration, etc., realizing passenger flow statistics, safety management, training management, event Service and open management, etc. Relevant consumption; encourage operational management agencies to cooperate with schools, Youth Sports Clubs, carry out campus, adolescent football training, provide venues, teaching, training for schools, teenagers, and promote the integration of physical education.

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