Accelerate the green water Qingshan into Jinshan Yinshan

On January 27, Wu Zhongqiong, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, and Zhangzhou Municipal Party Committee, Participated in the sixth group discussion of the sixth group of four conferences of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, with the Agricultural Services Parties, no party, Women’s Federation, Social Science, and Press and Publication Union and At the topic of the chaitacity, the theme of "expanding the ‘two mountains’ transformation channels, depth into the national ecological civilization test area", and jointly consult a discussion of government work reports. Deputy Governor Chen Xiaoping, the vice chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Xiao Yi participated in the discussion.

Chairman Xie Ru, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference. After listening carefully, Wu Zhongqiong pointed out that in the past few years, in the past few years, the province has implemented in-depth implementation of Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization, and the economic and social development has also maintained a good momentum while ecological civilization construction. We must build around the 魔都龙凤 national ecological civilization test area, consolidate improve the quality of ecological environment, create a mission of lake Lake Lake, and accelerate the green hills into Jinshan Yinshan, build beautiful China "Jiangxi model" with higher standards.

It is necessary to brush green ecological background, and go deep into the pollution prevention and control, and vigorously implement the Yangtze River 上海品茶场子 economy with the "Great Conservation" attack and the "five rivers and one lake and one river" full watershed, accelerate the mountains and water Tintian Lake. The construction of grass ecological protection repair projects, promoting national comprehensive compensation pilot province construction, further building a green ecological barrier. To develop green eco-industries with greater efforts, vigorously develop ecological agriculture, ecological tourism, integrity industry and forestry, and actively develop new models such as big data, Internet of Things, e-commerce, and gradually increase GDP green content. To improve the "two mountain" conversion mechanism, bold exploration, courage to innovate, improve the ecological assets and ecological product market trading mechanisms, promote the right to use the power, carbon emissions, and create a replication can be promoted Experience.

(Reporter Zhu Hua) (Editor: Rona, Qiu Wei).