Chengdu Third People’s Hospital: Write "big"

Nursing SOP training temperature, also continued inheritance in Chengdu Third People’s Hospital.

The "CiCare" model introduced first, changed the convenient way to manage the hospital to "turn" around the patient. Develop standardized processes to formulate medical and patients, cover contact, introduction, communication, inquiring, answer, and leave six links.

Temperature medical care, let the patient feel sincerely from the hospital.

Pioneer: Innovation 上海洗浴按摩耍耍 to inspire the big doctor (small) Let us return the story to the beginning.

The Third People’s Hospital of Chengdu was awarded the National Respiratory Disease Clinical Medical Center, which has great significance to the broad masses of the people. Under the leadership of Dr. Li Guoping, the hospital’s respiratory and critical medicine department, in the leadership of the Director Li Guoping, the Chengdu Express, Chengdu Respiratory Health Institute, "Zhongnan Mountain Academician Innovation Work Station" has been established in the hospital. Xu Junbo, secretary of the Party Committee, said, the next step, through the platform of the National Respiratory Disease Clinical Medicine Research Center, the hospital respiratory and critical medicine department will continue to work around the pathogenesis and clinical prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases, and establish more specifications. , Sharing, safe database, pushing the clinical research and diagnosis and treatment level of respiratory diseases to a new height, striving to build a regional medical center, escorting the breathing health of the city and even the provinces. This is a sublimation of "Dafao Spirit" in the context of the new era: Going out, introducing, resource integration, and working with patients. In the new era, the Third People’s Hospital of Chengdu took a pioneer and incident, so that the "Medical Spirit" was constantly imparted by the new connotation. Liang Yizheng, the pool of extremely severe spinal deformity 上海会所网 correction experts in China, 2016 "Touching Chinese People", in order to help domestic more patients, swords "China Spinal Orthopedic Center" construction; obesity has become "social disease", the first in the southwest Joint "Obesity and Metabolic Disease Center", not only helping obese patients to get out of life risk, but also help them regain confidence to return to society; the first ISO15189 medical laboratory, let the test results are internationally available … so far, Chengdu Third People’s Hospital has established six provincial key disciplines, 6 provincial key specialists and 17 city-level key disciplines, and there are 4 institutes of Cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, respiratory health and tumors. 10 The incubation plan of emerging discipline "on the 上海闵行吴泾kb新店 road", another chest pain center, stroke center, multi-discipline tuberculosis diagnostic center, medical examination, medical beauty, digestive test early cancer screening and early detecting endochaneous cancer (ESD), etc. Characteristic diagnosis and treatment.