Fuzhou Dongxiang District: deep digging talent "water storage pool" release development new movement

In the Jiangxi Province, Dongxiang District adhere to the "talent priority, science and technology priority, enterprise priority" concept, continuous innovation method, normalization, diverse test talent, collective, education, accelerate talents, fully promote "talent + project + platform" Integrated construction, deep digging talent "water storage pool", and strives to create an innovative driving "engine" of Dongxiang economic development. Available in the line, the line is overline. The development of the need for development around the industry, continuously broadening the channels, and the genius path.

Carry out the collection of talents and technical cooperation needs in the district, recommend more than 50 enterprises to participate in the provincial and commercial line, successful signing of 2 market "unveiling" projects, and introduce 2 high-level innovation entrepreneurs Team, more than 1900 million yuan, project neather effects highlights. The normalization of "Spring Breeze Action" live broadcast activities, through building "Dongxiang Help Employment Platform", college students special recruitment, spring breeze, etc. After watching live broadcast of more than 260,000 people, the accumulation of more than 1,000 people have been employed in local enterprises. Broaden the platform, gather together to promote development. Adhere to the "Party Committee Government to take a platform, the employer’s sing, the functional department,"

Relying on the "2 + 4 + N" topic platform of the Economic Development Zone, through the project, the platform is built, the resources and other means, strengthen the "marriage" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other colleges and campus, Xinjian Zhongke (Dongxiang) Zhihui Factory, the country Agricultural Machinery Equipment Innovation Center Jiangxi R & D Base, Jiangxi Zhuhai Expert Workstation and other innovative entrepreneurial platforms, flexible introduction of special allowance experts Fu Wanshi 浦东油压会所哪里最多 and other high-end talents and teams. It is recommended to declare the municipal expert workstation, and one provincial innovation platform has been created, and the key technologies have exceeded 5. It is declaring the construction of the China Association Haiqian Plan Work Base, and it is recommended to create four provincial enterprise technology centers and plan to build a production city integration garden. Optimize the environment and improve service growth performance.

Continuously optimize the talent policy, complete the talent service system mechanism, set up the talent service "one stop" show, form the "Talent Services" For the core "Four Commissions" teams provide talent to provide "one-to-one" service, forming a talent service grid that covers the whole zone, 上海KB论坛 landscape, and portrait. Establishing the Talent Policy Joint Conference System, the three-level coverage of the district countryside, the responsibility of the people’s outstanding talents.

The first highlight contribution talent selection activities in Dongxiang District were held, and 10 highlighted contributions in the fields of agriculture and forestry, science and education, industrial finance and economics were selected, and they were rewarded.

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