Hangzhou Qiantang District: Wheat grabs the season grain library "Pioneer Service Team"

Original title: Wheat grabs the reapper "Pioneer Service Team" in the field.

Tong 上海上门服会所 Zhizhong photo "Everyone is slow, one is in, don’t worry!" On the afternoon of May 24, the truck sent to the Wheat launched a long team in front of Dingbu Grain reservoir in Hangzhou Qiantang District. And an anxious driver. "We usually have no haiual throughout the year. In these days, we have entered the peak of wheat. More than 20 staff, 10 days have passed the storage 2,700 tons of wheat, and it is expected to be busy a week.

"When you are busy, Zhang Guo bridge is introduced to the reporter.

  As an important agricultural production area in Hangzhou, the existing food inventive district of Qiantang District has a series of measures such as the rectification of the wasteland. During the winter, there are more than 10,000 acres of grain and oil crops such as wheat, rapeseed land. Up to now, Qiantang District has planted wheat 10,000 acres, an increase of 163% year-on-year. Recently, Hangzhou rainwater weather has increased, and it also adds difficulty to the harvesting of wheat.

After 上海全套外卖 understanding the practical difficulties of food acquisition, the agricultural department of Qiantang District established a "learning party history, rushing to the front" service team, and arranged the department staff to go to the grain library to carry out "guaoning increasing, promoting production" activities, on-site coordination Food farmers (agricultural machinery cooperatives), relevant difficulties in the work of the streets and granules in the process of food acquisition. At the same time, in order to protect the interests of the food, Qiantang District has also increased the relevant government subsidies, such as the main body of 50 acres of rice wheat, the subsidy standard increased from 150 yuan / mu to 240 yuan / mu; Mechanical education, subsidies for transplanting services 180 yuan / mu, the 上海水磨工作室怎么样 service organization for the intensive settlement of the order, 50 yuan / ton, etc.

  "The subsidies I received last year are about 1.5 million yuan. I can expand investment in this money, buy more agricultural machinery. I have 3 harvesters in the uninterrupted wheat, this year’s harvest is good .

"Hangzhou Wanqing Agricultural Machinery Service Professional Cooperative Cai Kangfeng said. It is understood that last year’s Qiantang District implemented more than 14.48 million yuan, the current agricultural machinery equipment has exceeded 350.

(Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi).