Guigang City Port North: "Four Good Rural Roads" helps to remove poverty

Hong Kong North District vigorously implemented road project construction.

September 14th, the people, the people, "In the past few years, our village mud changed the cement road, my family built a new building, took off the poor hat, raise more than 500 chickens this year," Talking up Life, the poor of Guizhong Village, Qi Shi Township, Guigui Village, Guigang City, Guigang City, Guangxi, is pleased, and many villagers in the village have bought a trolley and life is getting better and better. This is a gratifying, from the Hokkaixi area vigorously implemented road project construction. In recent years, Hong Kong North District has been "building, tube, protective, operates" rural road as a goal, vigorously promotes the construction of "four good rural roads", and implements new models of "rural road + industry + poverty alleviation". In the case of a group of people who povertropocene, the country’s revitalization and development of the Zhuang Avenue, serialize the happiness of the masses. "Our village has been built, and it is more convenient to travel. It doesn’t matter. A soil, rainy day, a foot mud, and more convenient. Since 2016, Hong Kong North District has invested more than 200 million yuan to implement more than 2300 infrastructure projects, enhance traffic poverty 上海龙凤419论坛 alleviation capabilities, so that the rural road is "online", "width", since "narrow", by "pass" "Chang", forming four rural road networks, and the masses are more convenient and fast. A article "Four good rural roads" not only Tong Village will be popular, but also bring popularity and wealth to the countryside.

Qi Shi Township Guizhong Village is 上海贵族宝贝交流群 located in the Hong Kong North District to reach the reservoir area. The mountain highway is far from farming, and the traffic is inconvenient. It is a typical deep poor village.

Since 2016, Guizhong Village has been nearly 15 kilometers, 170 solar street lights, plus the mountain bridge to build a train, the villagers are more convenient, the village industry has not yet, and the goat, Yaoshan chicken, oil tea Such a variety of industries, drive more than 100 poor people to increase income.

Relying on the traffic advantage, the Hong Kong North District is suitable for local conditions, because of the village Shi Cu development industry, build a base base, one village, one product, establish and improve the interests of the company, cooperatives, farmers, and promote "enterprise + base + farmers" "enterprise + cooperative + base "The development models, with the industrial drive poor people to continue to increase, stabilize and get rid of poverty. At present, a number of newly developed agricultural business mains and poverty alleviation industry bases, selenium quality rice, crayfish, Yaoshan chickens are booming, driving more than 5,000 poor households to happiness.

(Wang Yong Lu Hongxia Liang Siqin) (Editor: Wang Yong, Chen Luo).