Chengdu Dadoyun Village from the drawing

  On December 8th, the Chengdu Universiade was countdown, and the Village of Chengdu Universiade athletes was held in Chengdu University. Construction Fang Chengdu Chengtou Group delivered the key to the Village Committee of the Dabu Village. In order to ensure the operation of the Village, the Chengdu Universiade Executive Committee established the Village Committee of the Dabu Village. The village committee will realize the 24 hours of 24 hours in the 24 hours of 24 hours in accordance with the requirements of "simple, safe and wonderful". As an important function carrier of the Universiade service guarantee, Dabu Village will provide a variety of services such as accommodation, 上海闵行东兰路kb dining, fitness, business, leisure, and cultural exchanges for the delegation. What facilities are in the Village of Dayun? How do the athletes will spend their day? Overlooking the Chengdu Universiade athletes. The Chengdu Universiade Executive Committee, the bed of the accommodation athlete can be extended to the Laun Village "from the drawings to reality" within two years, and the overall area covers an area of ??about 800,000 square meters, from the residential area, operation area, international zone Composed of 4 parts of the transportation zone, mainly including 22 new monomer buildings such as athlete apartments, living service centers, administrative security centers, international exchanges centers, medical centers, gym departments, as well as residence renovation, canteen transformation, sports field transformation projects . According to the relevant person in charge of Chengdu City Turban Group, at present, the new construction and renovation project of Dayun Village has been completed, and various supporting facilities have been successfully advanced, and the initial formation of operational systems and functional supports adapted to the event.

  Entering Chengdu University, you can see that the student dormitory has a new look, pure white color is inlaid, and the room is spacious and bright, which is a living area of ??athletes.

  During the event, the athletes will face the high-intensity competition schedule, and the accommodation environment directly affects its motion. The relevant person in charge of the Becoses Property Department of the Chengdu Universiade Executive Committee, told reporters that there were 10 apartments in the delegation of the Dabu Village, 4 of which were new, and 6 were the rebuilding project. In addition, a delegation office and a functional room such as a team medical room is also provided in the apartment. Entering the athlete’s room, the reporter saw that the rooms, desks, air conditioners, independent bathrooms, shower, and waslerts and other facilities are available. At the same time, in order to ensure safety, the room door lock uses a credit card mode.

  How do the athletes are tall and how do they sleep comfortable? Through this problem, all the beds in the Dabu Village are designed according to the length of 2 meters. If the athlete is too short, it can also be extended to the meter by adding the bed. In addition, the Dabo Village Accommodation Service team will formulate accommodation policies and room distribution programs in accordance with international conventions and generalities, fully consider factors such as cultural background, historical origins and religious beliefs, and meet the reasonable needs of delegation accommodation. Athletes live comfortably in the Village of the Universiade.

  The dining can get nearly 10,000 hours, 20 hours, free to leave the student dormitory, just a few steps to arrive at the athlete restaurant, white exterior wall with glass curtain wall, fashion and art. According to the relevant person in charge of Chengdu Chengtou Group, the athletes restaurant was rebuilt by the original 5th and 6th student cafeteria, and nearly 5,000 people can be dining at the same time.

Following the concept of "thrifting", the athlete restaurants solve the current needs of the Universiade in accordance with the international economic demand, and sustainable use after the eyes. In order to further improve the utilization, other functional districts such as outdoor volleyball are also designed in the top of the restaurant, and the time required for peace is time to match.

  Logistics guarantees for large sports events, athletes’ catering services are an important part. Among the international sports events, athhers who came to participate in the competition came from different countries, with different cultural background, customs and eating habits, ensuring that the athletes were well eaten, and they were a challenge. "During the competition, the athlete restaurant will provide early, noon, late, night, night, which is expected to provide a dining service for nearly 10,000 people, 20 hours a day, no intermittent meals," Chengdu Universiade Executive Committee Market and Food Management Department The relevant person in charge said, "Based on the situation of athlete’s taste preferences, combined with previous events, food and beverage experiences and diet are characteristics, the athlete restaurant menu cuts are more rich and diverse." On the menu structure, the athlete restaurant will set up hot meal area, cold meal and Temperature Dining Area, Ministry of Design, 4 functional areas in the beverage zone.

The hot meal area is set to Chengdu, Mediterranean, continental, Asian flavor, clear, and set up a hau restaurant separately to meet athletes from different countries and regions, different cultural backgrounds, different religious beliefs. Cold meal and normal temperature dining area set salad, cold, fruit, dessert, snacks, etc .; the beverage zone includes cold drinks, hot drinks, etc.

The five types of main dishes (excluding staple food and vegetarian dishes) were implemented for 7 days to ensure that the dishes were not repeated within one week. Leisure and entertainment daily life demand is not "village" can solve in the Village of Dadun, how can a athlete play? Dabu Village will mainly set up three types of leisure and entertainment areas, which are the electronic equipment area, slow rhythmic leisure area, dance yoga zone, and meet the experience of casual and entertainment.

  The electronic equipment area mainly includes TV viewing, small cinema screen movies, episodes, etc., Internet services (including Wi-Fi), and various electronic game projects in the video game area.

Slow rhythmic leisure zone mainly includes library, book newspaper reading, coffee bar, etc., do not provide alcoholic beverages. During the Universiade, athletes wanted to shop, haircut, and buy the Universiade Wenchuang products? These can be satisfied in the Village of Dayun.

Supermarket, postal, haircut, business center, banking and currency exchange, dry cleaning, mobile service, travel consulting, etc. in Dadun Village have been resolved in the daily life demand for athletes. Up to now, Chengdu Universiade has accumulated more than 400 franchise products.

"Covered toys, stationery, clothing, badges keychain, handicrafts, ceramic products, precious metals, jewelery, electronic products, home supplies ten categories.

The relevant person in charge of the relevant person in charge of the market development and activities of the Chengdu Universiade Executive Committee.

  In addition, the village will also hold different topics, various forms of cultural activities, highlight Chinese elements, Sichuan characteristics and Tianfu culture, show young style, create a strong universiade culture atmosphere, and enrich athletes’ life. How to use the Louvun Village after the game of Dayun Village? "All kinds of buildings in the Village, facilities and equipment will be transformed into running resources after the Universiade. The Athlete Apartments will become a student apartment after the game; the medical center will become the medical professional practice base of Chengdu University; the Delegation Service Center will become an academic conference center, etc. "Introduction to the relevant person in charge of Chengdu University," Dabu Village Art Center, Art Museum, 上海高端品茶 Library and other spaces, the future will be open to the public, playing university advantages in many aspects such as cultural communication, sports events and national fitness, urban function optimization, etc. Realize the Livelihood of the Universiade. "After the completion of the Avenue Village, we insist on the arrangement of the Huimin Action Plan of Chengdu Universiade, adhering to the concept of ‘to work, engage in a city’, launching a series of Huimin Measures." Chengdu The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Universiade Executive Committee introduced that the Daxie Village will continue to launch the "Open, Experience Action, Cultural Exchange, Event Art Art" A total of 22 pairs of people have a total of 22, including the open constant temperature swimming pool, and open the jogging 上海水磨干磨服务 ring around the city, build multiple featured cards. (Reporter Ray) [Editor: Xu Meida].